Proxy, 2020

Mixed media, dimensions vary

In the context of the exhibition, space is given new function and it is modified to accommodate a new situation. Under this condition existing spatial elements are transformed and new elements are added. They exist as a background quietly serving assigned functions. Proxy is the abstracted form of these elements reconstructed as autonomous objects. Showing alternative possibilities of form, arrangement and spatialisation they turn the background into an object of observation.

W2KSHOP is an architectural studio based in Tbilisi. Participating members of this project are Lado Shonia and Dimitri Eristavi.  Lado Shonia was born in 1989 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy’s faculty of architecture. He co-founded the studio W2KSHOP in 2016 and MAUDI in 2019. 

Dimitri Eristavi was born in 1989 in Tbilisi. He studied architecture in Tbilisi and London and earned an MA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University. Also co-founding the W2KSHOP and MAUDI.