Sayali Bahar

Odes to Caspian, 2020

To Her, 2020


Sayali Bahar’s artwork is an eco-poem that addresses negligent treatment of nature and the water pollution problem. “Odes to Caspian” is a poem created by the author when she was living in Los Angeles, CA. She was homesick and started  researching everything about Azerbaijan and Caspian sea. The poem was created as a result of these research mixed with feelings of disappointment. 

The second piece titled “To Her” is a psychedelic poem written as a result of an inner conflict of a young woman, trying to find her path and identity through existential questions of women empowerment, accepting complex relationships with mother and with the author’s inner, dark side.

Sayali Bahar is a femnist writer from Azerbaijan. She is based between Baku and Tbilisi. At the moment Bahar studies media management and journalism at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

She is the author of 3 satirical novels about Azerbaijanian youth, high society and sexual freedom – “Aztagrambook: Instalove, InstaBaku” (2015), “Baku Virgin Diary” (2017), “Aztagrambook: Song of Wind and Fire” (2018). She is mostly famous in her homeland for criticizing patriarchy and exposing misogyny in the community.