Nutsa Mikaberidze

Eachother, 2020

Mixed media, knitting threads, iron net, clay, acrylic

325 x 205 cm 

Unity Requires Standing Together. The piece consists of two parts: the knitted curtain and the iron net with clay plates. The soft and the rough, the knitting and the metal, the juxtaposition of these materials underline their differences while being parts of one whole at the same time. 

Nutsa Mikaberidze (born in 1997) lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2015-2019 she studied at the Free University, Faculty of Visual Arts, Architecture and Design (VA[A]DS). She has participated in many group exhibitions, including: Oxygen_Tbilisi No Fair (Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi, 2019); Marshrutka Mix-Tapes (Open Space, Tbilisi, 2019), Marshrutka Project (Berlin, 2019), Welcome to Georgia, Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, 2018), VAADS Photography Class 2018 (Black & White Gallery, Tbilisi), VAADS at Artarea Gallery (Tbilisi, 2017), National Carpet Festival (Rabat Castle, Georgia, 2017), All & Everything at Artarea Gallery (Tbilisi, 2016).