Toma Tamara Kanashvili

Loving Cats and Benzadrine Series, 2000-2010

Pen and gouache on paper

22 drawings, dimensions variable

Tamara Kanashvili’s cats painted on paper with pen, ink and gouache attract us with the same kind of cuteness that cat pictures have on the internet and social media. However the mood is different, as her cats appear curled up and  sad. Similar to the Loving Cats the drawings from Benzadrine series appear to be made based on observation. Fantastic details of the works create a certain surreal effect. 

Toma Tamara Kanashvili lives and works in Tbilisi. She has participated in numerous exhibitions including “Literature and Art between East and West”, Tbilisi Literature Museum and Klingspor Museum in Offenbach (Germany), Art Sea – Sculpture Garden, Poti, Artisterium (2012), Artisterium 2013, Tbilisi History Museum (Tbilisi), “Meeting Point”, Underwheel and solo exhibition at the Gamrekeli Gallery (Tbilisi).