Uta Bekaia

Superhumans, 2019

Superhumans, a multimedia trilogy by Uta P. Bekaia, is a masquerade with spectacular production of  fashion costumes, wearable sculptures worn by the characters (he personified all of them) who do not represent actual personalities. Instead, they paraphrase social and cultural stereotypes with the aim of deconstructing them through the prism of mythology, cinema, classical painting, or advertising.

Uta Bekaia is a Georgian (born in 1974) multimedia artist currently residing and working in New York and Tbilisi. He studied Industrial Design at the Tbilisi Mtsire Academy and debuted as an artist at AMA (Avantgarde Fashion Assembly) with a sculptural performance. Bekaia creates performances and installations inhabited with wearable sculptures, exploring his historical cultural background, genetical codes and cycles of the universe.