Andro Dadiani

Tautology, 2020


The wind blows towards south and then turns back to north. It turns around, turns around, blows away and returns to its circle again. Ecclesiastes I/6

Andro Dadiani is an artist and poet, who emerged in the Georgian artistic scene in 2017. His works and texts focus on erotic and other sensitive themes. He describes them in his usual manner of subtleness and cruelty at the same time expressing protest and searching for ways of escape from the disturbing routine we live in. At different times his following works were presented at different exhibitions: The Fist (Tbilisi online biennale, 2020), Maintenance Is a Verb (Tbilisi, Gallery Maudi, 2020), Untitled performance about the violence against LGBT community (Tbilisi, 2020), I Am (Tbilisi, Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, 2019), Thy Will Be Done (Warsaw, Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2019), Independence Memorial (Tbilisi, Chancellery of the Government of Georgia, 2019), Gaze of Lot’s Wife (Tbilisi, Rustaveli Theatre, 2018), Pillow Case (Zugdidi, Office of the Equality Movement, 2018), #silencekills (Tbilisi, Rustaveli avenue, 2018), Autumn Flowers (Tbilisi, 2017), Thicker Skin (Tbilisi, Night club Elektrowerk, 2017).