Salomé Dumbadze
Unchewable Constructs

The joy derived from the sound of walking in snow resembles the joy of chewing a gum.
If I were to make a movie, it would definitely have a shot, in which there would be a person in trance, unmoving, and a second, weaker person struggling to move them. This shot would have no music, just the sound of snow squeaking in whiteness. The perception of emotion through sound would be noticeable through breathing.
The fear of disappearing without a trace is what unites us.
Chewing gum and a shot from a film have pleasure in common, the difference being that the shots are guaranteed to remain in memories.
The colors of gum packages from childhood greatly influenced the color palettes from my distant past.
Forms of canvas were selected just like this – united, they create certain shapes, but they are also independent from one another. I like the gravity between them, that means no sense at all.