Giorgi Maghradze

Social Wegihtfullness

Society cannot exist without social ties. Each person is a part of society, taking his/ her part in the social system, the basis of which consists of mutual relations and social interactions. Seeking to gain the best position in social life system is in human nature as a result power and status games emerge.

Social life is like a seesaw, the amplitude of which depends on the point of balance. Therefore, in every social system, a point of balance is wanted, as it will allow the system to survive and create sustainable relationship in the society. However, one may pose a question whether social balance is possible in the society and where is this central point located?

The seesaw paradox happens every day: from children’s games to the politics of various countries. A group of people outweighs another group, individuals invoke the masses / attract massive crowds, etc., even though these processes are contrary to the laws of nature.