Patara Gallery

Patara Gallery

Patara Gallery is glad to welcome you to its showcase that was initially designed for Tbilisi Art Fair. The exposition brings together artists Salome Machaidze, Tamar Botchorischili and George Nebieridze.

Presented artists belong to different generations and work in different media, however, what unites their art is the air of playfulness and gruesomeness that their are is infiltrated with and reflects their attitude towards life.

George Nebieridze is a photographer, who likes to capture all dearest to him; his friends and family in their most intimate moments; raves and house parties in their craziest moments; all sorts of minorities fighting for their rights. Nebieridze’s photos radiate with the photographer’s enthusiasm for his subject matter; their special air of freshness gives the photos their appealing vibe.

Tamar Botchorishvili’s objects are absurd, playful and unlikely combinations of found materials and polymer clay figurines. The scenarios she creates are bizarre and hilarious at the same time, just like life.

Salome Machaidze is a filmmaker and painter. Her art is inspired by popular culture, especially music, the internet and TV. Very particular style of drawing includes references to the Georgian culture and in particular christian iconography.

The Patara Gallery decided not to take part in the Tbilisi Art Fair die to the fair’s last minute decision to collaborate with the Museum of Moder Art, Moscow and award a prize to one of the participating artists under 35 – an exhibition in Moscow. Patara Gallery feels current political affairs and recent history between Russia and Georgia do not allow for such partnerships to take place. Even though our protest was hear and the fair canceled the prize , we feel this decision was not genuine and was only made to keep the participants on board. Therefore, we decided to state our case and move the project to Oxygen Tbilisi No Fair.