Giorgi Alkhazishvili

We Need Space

Presently, the need of having the personal space has become more urgent as the chaotic and difficult times caused a vast number of problems, social and psychological depletion and the danger of vanishing individualism. I believe that the topic would be important for any individual, who is concerned about the society which has lost priorities and is in confusion. The notion of individualism is itself blurred and lost in this century. So are the individuals who try to resist assimilation. That is why the personal, public or intimate spaces is a necessity for everyone. So is the need to define borders in order to avoid falling into the other extreme – the urge to gain more and more space. Everything needs to be in balance and in symbiosis with the feeling of coziness. The space is viewed here as the subject of urban planning and the right development of a city. However, it is also spiritual space merged with one’s room, house, street and an abstract space of human relationships.