Margo Korableva Performance Theatre

Medea’s Meditations

The new staging of the Margo Korableva Performance Theatre is composed of ritual, liminal, and borderline acting based on the magic iconography of intangible sensitivity. The dramaturgy of Medea’s Meditations will be largely determined by narratives drawn from noetic, meditative actuality. However, it is expected that the work will in fact not have a meditative, ambient character and will rather be an attempt to present a more ecstatic and abandoned act. 

Conceived and directed by: David Chikhladze, Mariam Shergelashvili

Participants: Gvantsa Agirba, Tina Elbakidze, Tama Kvantaliani, Liza Kvantaliani, Mariam Shergelashvili, Keto Tatishvili